Unsolicited Denial is Admission of Guilt: PNoy’s “I am not a thief”

Before his address to the Nation where the President vehemently asserted that he “is not a thief,” no one has accused him of being a thief nor being corrupt. So, whoever advised him to deny that he is a thief may have done the President a great disservice. Are his advisers not aware that there is a legal maxim that says: “An unsolicited denial is an admission of guilt”? To be sure, the President is not a thief. But can we say the same thing with regard to some members of his official family and some of his friends in the Senate and the House of Representatives? Is there no saying that “you may be judged by the friends you keep”? The people want you, Mr. President, to remain honest and courageous so that your campaign slogan “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” may be realized and will not remain just a slogan to gain votes. So, please get rid of the billions of pesos that you dispense under your DAP scheme. The temptation to be corrupt should not remain in the budget.

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