BWAP Forum No. 2:

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The topic for this inaugural forum of BWAP is “PROJECT EMPLOYMENT/ FIXED TERM/CONTRACTUAL EMPLOYMENT IN THE BPO COMPANIES.” You may want to share your thoughts about this issue through the BWAP Website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

To start the discussion of this issue BWAP shares with you some of our thoughts on contractual employment.

Under the Labor Code, contractual employment is an exception. Project or fixed term employment is allowable but the project must be clearly identified and the commencement and termination must be clearly stated in the employment contract. The Labor Code favors regular employment. In regular employment, the worker enjoys security of tenure and other benefits and rights provided by law. He may only be dismissed for just cause as provided by law and jurisprudence. In contractual, project or fixed employment, the worker enjoys security of tenure only during the duration of the employment contract. He may be dismissed for violation of the terms of the contract.

In the BPO industry project employment or employment for a fixed period of is the norm.

What are your thoughts about contractual employment? Please share them with our co-workers in the BPO companies.

BWAP cares; you, too, can!

BPO workers in the Philippines are one with the country in prayers and mobilization to help Yolanda-affected families and communities rise from the rubbles.

We share in the pain brought about by this recent catastrophe. We will contribute in bringing hope that will enable our brothers and sisters in Tacloban and other affected communities get back to their feet.

BWAP has collected funds and other necessities, in partnership with UP’s School of Labor and Industrial Relations, for the affected.

However, these are never enough. We urge friends, colleagues, students, and fellow Filipinos in the country and overseas to contribute the same.


Donations in kind can be delivered at: SCHOOL OF LABOR AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS (SOLAIR), University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

The following donations in kind are preferred: rice, canned goods, clothes, blankets, toothpaste, toothbrush, tissue paper, candles, matchsticks, shampoo, soap (bath/laundry), batteries, flashlights and biscuits.

We’ll be happy to talk to you about this campaign. Please call us at (02)928-6396 and look for Ms. Fina Lumpas; Ruben Torres (0917)886-5614.

Unsolicited Denial is Admission of Guilt: PNoy’s “I am not a thief”

Before his address to the Nation where the President vehemently asserted that he “is not a thief,” no one has accused him of being a thief nor being corrupt. So, whoever advised him to deny that he is a thief may have done the President a great disservice. Are his advisers not aware that there is a legal maxim that says: “An unsolicited denial is an admission of guilt”? To be sure, the President is not a thief. But can we say the same thing with regard to some members of his official family and some of his friends in the Senate and the House of Representatives? Is there no saying that “you may be judged by the friends you keep”? The people want you, Mr. President, to remain honest and courageous so that your campaign slogan “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” may be realized and will not remain just a slogan to gain votes. So, please get rid of the billions of pesos that you dispense under your DAP scheme. The temptation to be corrupt should not remain in the budget.

BWAP Officers meet Ms. Magdalene Kong Liyun, Divisional Director of UNI Global Union, Asia and Pacific Region (UNI-APRO)

BWAP Officers meet Ms. Magdalene Kong Liyun, Divisional Director of UNI Global Union, Asia and Pacific Region (UNI-APRO), on 10 July 2013. UNI Global Union is the voice of 20 million service sector workers around the world whose mission is to improve the working conditions and lives of workers in the services and allied sectors. UNI-APRO, alone, represents 172 trade unions and 2,330,730 workers in the Asia-Pacific region. [www.uniglobalunion.org]

Photo: (BWAP Officers) Consultant Dr. Rene Ofreneo (2nd from left); 4th from left to right: VP for External Affairs Jovy Lazaga, General Secretary Norby Caparas, UNI-APRO Director Magdalene Kong Liyun, Treasurer Amie Lyla Abalos, and VP for Organization Karen Tangonan.

BWAP holds inaugural forum


In line with its mission of increasing the awareness of its members regarding their rights and responsibilities as one of the key actors in the IT-BPO industry, and to promote cooperation and collaboration with industry players, BWAP has launched a series of forums that would be held every month starting June. This is in cooperation with the UP School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR), Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP-ITUC) and the Solidarity Center (American Center for International Labor Solidarity).


The Inaugural Forum with an over-arching theme: “IT/BPO – Sustaining the Boom: Addressing Employees’ Concerns” was held last June 22, 2013 at the UP-SOLAIR with Atty. Jonathan P. Sale, SOLAIR Dean and Professor, as its inaugural lecturer. The forum was attended by around 90 participants from the industry, academe, government, labor and private sectors. The reactors were two (2) former deans of SOLAIR, Dr. Rene Ofreneo and Dr. Jose Gatchalian. The forum was also graced by the presence of former Sen. Ernesto Herrera, TUCP-ITUC President, Dr. Maragtas SV Amante, Vice President for Administration of the University of the Philippines and former Dean of SOLAIR, and Executive Director Cynthia R. Cruz of the Institute of Labor Studies (ILS) of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).


The monthly forum is aimed to pave the way for a continuing program with industry partners to come up with specific measures to promote the welfare of IT/BPO employees and improve their productivity through closer cooperation with management, and to propose policies that will help sustain the development of the IT-BPO industry in the Philippines.