The BPO Workers Association of the Philippines (BWAP) is the first nationwide organization of business process outsourcing workers in the country. It is registered with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as a national association.


The Association’s primary aims and purposes are:

  • To establish and maintain an effective, free and unified BPO workers association in the Philippines;
  • To work for the improvement of the conditions of work and life of BPO workers and their families;
  • To undertake and promote mutual assistance activities and/or programs for and among BPO workers
  • To engage in economic activities and other income generating projects that shall redound to the benefits of its members and the Association;
  • To promote industry-wide negotiations to secure for its members better terms and conditions of employment;
  • To provide assistance to its members in grievance settlement and in disputes resolution through voluntary or compulsory arbitration;
  • To act as the collective voice of the BPO workers in industry or government formulation of policies, laws or rules and regulations affecting their interests.



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